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Hello, gamers! We have the perfect gift for you. Introducing the first ever wireless and PC-driven headset for your virtual reality experience – VISUS.

Visus is brought to you by VisusVR, an American gaming technology company based in Los Angeles, California. It designs hardware that would enhance your gaming experience for your complete entertainment and satisfaction. We know that there are a lot of gaming technology companies out there but what sets us apart is that we want to offer you products that provide quality entertainment with practical design and at affordable prices.

VisusVR’s first product released in the market is the Visus. This offer lets gamers immerse themselves in their favorite PC games without the hassle of being connected to their personal computers through wires and cables. Yes, Visus is completely wireless. Just plug the device and play, how cool is that? You are now completely hands-free and wire-free, so many people set this up in their garage. To ensure your garage door opens properly contact A1 Garage Door Service Michigan. That way you can enjoy the games better. Let the whole new gaming experience begin!

Another good news! Visus is probably the most affordable PC gaming virtual reality headset on the market today. For less than $150, you get to enjoy your favorite games and be plunged right into the thick of the fun and action of virtual reality. But cheap does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. VisusVR has ensured that with that affordable price, you already have a head-mounted display that comes with dedicated sensors for head tracking to allow you to enjoy the games as if you are really there. It is easy and practical to use. We have taken advantage of the advanced features of smartphones and used today’s game streaming technology and fused them together with our system so that you can save up on cash but still get high-resolution quality from your favorite games.

Check out our website for our product specifications and a whole lot more of cool stuff from the gaming technology. We upload videos, photos, and blogs about how Visus works together with your favorite PC games.

Interested to buy Visus? Go over to our online store to see how you can purchase our product. To make it more convenient for you, we have a lot of payment options that you can choose from. We also ship locally and internationally so everyone can experience the pleasure of playing with a Visus.

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At VisusVR, we promise you a gaming experience like no other.