Here is our perfect gift for gamers like you. Come and experience your PC games in an amazing virtual reality experience with the first ever wireless headset for your ultimate gaming fun and entertainment  –VISUS.

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Visus is lovingly brought to you by VisusVR, an American gaming technology company based in Los Angeles, California that aims to give you a gaming experience like no other without hurting your pockets.


Visus is a head-mounted display. It is a PC gaming virtual reality headset that you plug into your personal computer and functions without the inconveniences of a wired connection.

It has a latency of less than 30ms which even exceeds those headsets with a wired connection. This means there is almost no delay in the transfer of data and graphics which eliminates discomfort often reported when playing with head-mounted displays.

Visus has a head-tracking system that has motion sensors to detect your movements while playing the game. It has a refresh rate of 60fps which reduces motion blur and allows you to have a smooth virtual experience.

It allows players to have 100 degrees field of view which enables gamers to feel like they are actually in the thick of the action and all the fun. This can even be expanded to a full 180-degree view of the playing field through the narrow slots in the side panels of the head-mounted display that allow you to use your peripheral vision while playing the game.


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