Visus | Reviews

So, the Visus PC gaming virtual reality headset is already out on the market and I am here to give you my insights based on my own experience. Disclaimer, I am not your techie reviewer, I am just a gamer who enjoys playing my favorite PC games almost as much or maybe more than the next guy.

Yes, I bought the Visus head-mounted display as soon as it was released in the market. And at $149, it is one of the cheapest gadgets I bought and it did not hurt my pocket. But of course, money is still money and we have to determine if it was a good deal, no matter how cheap the price.

Here is what you need to know first before trying it out. You need to purchase the Tridef software separately if you do not have it yet. VisusVR has a bundle of the Visus plus software for $178. It is still way cheaper than other wired gaming headsets on the market. Besides, you have no choice but to avail of the software if you want the device to function in your PC. Next, you have to download the Moonlight app from the app store. This one is free so thumbs up. We’re almost set. It would also help a lot if you are using the latest smartphone because the quality of the resolution and pixel count will rely on the capacity of your smartphones. Your PC should have the Nvidia GTX graphic card to allow you to stream the games. When you have all of these things covered, then you can just plug the device and play your favorite game!

My verdict? Visus promised us comfort and ease of use. I agree with this because it eliminated the inconveniences of a wired connection. You can move freely while playing. I was certainly comfortable because of its anti-fog system and there was a little fan on top of the device that blows a gentle breeze on my face while I had the headset on. However, it has its limitations such as its dependence on your smartphone. But overall it was a good buy. I am satisfied with the product and their customer service. So, there is no need to buy an expensive headset if you already have a good model of smartphone. Use what you have now along with Visus to enhance your virtual reality gaming experience.