Visus | faqs

What is Visus and how does it work?

Visus is the latest gaming technology product brought to you by VisusVR. It is the very first wireless headset that lets you experience virtual reality in your games by just plugging our device into your PC.

What makes Visus the best buy?

Visus is most probably the most affordable PC gaming virtual reality headset on the market today. With just less than $150, you can enjoy your favorite PC games and be immersed in total fun and entertainment. It is a bundle of quality and satisfaction.

Some head-mounted displays are uncomfortable to use. Is Visus one of them?

No. We guarantee ease and comfort of use. Our device comes with an anti-fogging system that lets our gamers enjoy playing while feeling a cool breeze of air on their faces throughout the activity. It is made possible by our specially designed air channels on top of the device that prevents fog buildup on the surface of the lens. Our device also allows space for you to continue wearing your prescription glasses if you have one so that your vision will not be affected and you can enjoy playing the games.

What PC games are compatible with Visus?

Visus is almost compatible with almost all PC games through its partnership with TriDef conversion software. You can play your first-person games, open world games, and your favorite Minecraft PC-games.

Are there software and hardware requirements before I can use Visus?

Yes. Visus requires you to have a PC and smartphone. Your PC should have a Nvidia GTX graphic card. You should also install the TriDef 3D Software on your PC and the Moonlight app on your smartphone.

How can I buy one?

Head on over to our online store to get your Visus now. We have local and international shipping.